Thursday, 12 May 2011

Let's Package this up.

I'm quite happy with the 0.6 release so far. Some minor issues have been
founhd and corrected. The big thing now is getting this application
properly packaged up and accepted by the big linux distro repositories.

So, a review of the build process, required libs, autoconf/build/etc,
has been done and better 'build from souce' instructions written,
including the list of dependency libs required and how to installed them
(using apt and yum). This should make addoption much easier.

Ohh, I've also taken this oppertunity to change over source control
of opendias to GTI. This is a big win, as I've been using git for some
time and converting/sending updates via the two systems is not something
I'd recommend. Anyway, everything is now on git and cvs has been retired,
whcih can only be a good thing.

All this has been released as version, and is available now

If anyone has any knowladge/experience of packaging source for .deb
and/or .rpm; experience of getting package sucessfuly accepted into the
big repositories; then do let me know, you help / input would be greatly