Sunday, 25 November 2012

Serious Authentication

The big news for the 0.9 series is the migration of location based privileges to a proper user authentication mechanism.
The first stage of the is making the application session aware, and that's what's been going on recently.
This looks to be going well and give us some extra flexibility (with fancy user specific functionality in the future.)
Once things are stable on the session handling, user profiles/ management/ authentication and finally migration of location based privileges, will happen.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Let's just get on with it!

So, I've created a new development branch for the 0.9 series.

First on the list is removing all the hard coded directory locations. Hopefully by the end we'll be able to install the application into any location (eg /tmp/opendias_test/) so that no root access is required for testing (or local deployment).
The idea is to take all location config from the GNU automake "--prefix" variable.

Monday, 19 November 2012

openDIAS version 0.8.1 released today.

The openDIAS development team are pleased to announce that openDIAS; the open source document imaging and archive system, have today released version 0.8 of the application.

OpenDIAS is a product designed to allow the home or office user to store and catalog documents, mainly (but not exclusively) from scanned physical documents. Documents are stored on a central machine and can be scanned/ imported into the archive, searched for by OCR content, date, title or assigned tag from any machine on the network.

Opendias 0.8.1 Document Detail

New features in the upcoming 0.8 release include:
  • Document linkage to other docs,
  • Scanning device locking,
  • Document list has been migrated to an auto loaded list,
  • Imported PDF, ODF and Image objects now generate a thumbnail and have OCR performed,
  • Introduction of a localisation framework (initially with English and German lang packs),
  • Various other frontend and backend improvements, tweaks and optimisations,
  • Better testing of various hardware and OS configs (including 64-bit, Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian).

OpenDIAS is available in deb and rpm packages, from a source tarball or GitHub, with a comprehensive testing suite.

Opendias 0.8.1 Document List Page

We encourage all users to upgrade their production systems to this newest version.

For further information or help, visit the project homepage at

Opendias 0.8.1 Document Scanning