Sunday, 1 March 2009

Catch up

So then, a quick update on the story so far and where we are with things.

openDias started in around Apr 2008 as a project that I've been wanting a solution for, for a long time. I finally got around to starting and ended up posting three or four releases in the space of a month.

The development team consists of me only, at the mo. It's a new project so have been concentrating on the bones rather than getting everything nailed down. Having said that, this (nailing down and fleshing out) is most definitely the phase I'm currently in. This accounts for the lack of a code posting/ release for several months.

There has been a whole load of development going on in the background, (to add the flesh and polish) which will be released soon - real soon. Expect updates over the next few weeks on the lead up to this release keeping you updated on what's coming and were things are going.

Anyone that wants to contribute can do so, send in your patches or if you would like a more involved part, let me know and I can assign some functionality to you.