Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wow - It's finally here - 0.7.3.

Wow !

It's finally here - 0.7.3.
Go get it people, enjoy:

  • Issue #10 - Scan images display is not permission checked
  • Remove the de-skew functionality
  • Improve OCR operations accuracy
  • Allow documents to be opened full screen
  • Revamp doc list and filter functionality
  • Added and 'action required' flag to documents
  • Added an "ideas" link and fixed typos/spelling error, on the application homepage.
  • Removed the dependency on glib
  • Added new admin app to easily set config options
  • Improved the selection and assignment of tags
  • Fix an issue with bad setting of SANE options. (some user could not set the resolution)
  • Added language selection for OCR operations
  • Fix install problem if installation is already found
  • Improved build instructions
  • Fix build problem on Fedora
  • Layed the groundwork for device locking
  • Various tidy-ups
  • Unified the backed response structure and defined an API

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