Saturday, 30 March 2013

OpenDias 0.9 beta release.

I've just tagged a beta version of the 0.9 series of openDias.

We've added some great stuff this last cycle. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Here are some highlights:

  • Auto detect similar documents, offer to 'tag' and 'title' new docs for you.
  • Privilege assignment by username and password.
  • Added Dutch translations.
  • Can now scan in colour.
  • Detail page now has a 'print now' button (for scans and jpeg imports).
  • Increased the max number of scanning pages to 30 (from 10).
  • Deprecated location based privilege assignments.
  • Improve scanning performance.
  • Application and install, now honours GNU autotools --prefix option.
  • Tests no longer need special permissions to run.
  • Web application is now session aware.
  • Implemented bind vars for result returning SQL statements.
  • Stubbed out many external libs for testing (performance).
  • Localisation is now much easier.
  • Cleaned up homepage.

Visit the download page on the official website and give it a try. Everything is explained from there.

At present, I do not recommend using this version on a production system, but, performing an upgrade on a current system (copy of) is something I'd really like to hear about.

Otherwise, have fun, I hope you're really going to enjoy the new features.

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